‘Tis the season . . . & other musings (& some shameless marketing)

I have always loved the holiday season. First there’s Thanksgiving, and its opportunity to reflect on blessings and share a meal with those I love. Whether it’s a big extended family gathering as in years part, or as it is now, just Benny and me and the pets, it’s a special time of the year (and one on which I personally refuse to do any shopping).

This year our own furry family expanded with the rescue of our Crick Bank Kitties. I grieved the loss of Spock and Tiger; I still miss them and think of them often. I feel truly blessed to have had them a part of our lives, even if only for a short time.

tiger 1

A favorite pic of mine--Spock sleeping with Grey in a sweet cuddle.
A favorite pic of mine–Spock sleeping with Grey in a sweet cuddle.

But the other six CBKs certainly seem to be flourishing. We finally finished with the daily ringworm meds (and my own experience with that streptococcal skin infection is blessedly over, leaving behind some slowly  fading scars on my arms as a reminder of that itching, burning, oozing unpleasantness).

This week, in between the various Christmas events I am covering for the paper and some video editing and voice-over recordings for Pecan Ridge Productions, I have to get Punkin and Midnight to the vet. We are pretty sure Punkin has ear mites, too, and we’ve treated the little sweetheart with some doses of Earidimite (thanks to Annie’s generosity in sharing the meds). Midnight, we suspect, is going to need to be fixed soon, with the other kittens following in the coming months.  Our weekly pet food bill has definitely gone up!

These guys do not lack a hearty appetite, that’s for certain.

Three of the kittens–Amber, Grey and Punkin–now spend a fair amount of time indoors with us. The stately Midnight makes an occasional foray inside our house. Today, for the first time, I was able to pick up our beautiful but very shy Smokey, who usually bolts when I get too close.

smokey marmalade chromatic
Smokey and Marmalade, the shyest of the Crick Bank Kitties.

I brought the nervous kitten indoors for a few minutes, safely cuddled against my chest as I spoke in soothing tones.  It went much better than I expected, certainly better than when I picked up Marmalade, who immediately went into Major Squirm Mode, wildly flailing her paws and looking completely terrified. That lasted maybe five seconds.

Baby steps. Angie, baby steps.

Each of the CBKs is revealing more and more of his or her individual personalities, especially those who are part-time indoor felines.

Amber, the ever-curious, chatty, rambling tomboy who frequently pounces on her siblings when they least expect (or want) it, has the SHARPEST claws– and quite often looks like an absolute angel. Charm to spare.  And incredibly photogenic.

amber grooming edit

amber chatty

amber bw paw edit

amber bw edit 3

Grey just wants to be everyone’s buddy. I think if I had one of those snuggees with the built-in pocket for your cat, Grey would be happy to reside there almost 24/7. Very sweet and friendly and purrs at the drop of a hat. Unfortunately, Grey is, well– quite gassy. Scarlett was also a very gassy kitten, as I recall. And Grey occasionally forgets where the litter box is located. *sigh* But I still adore the little stinker (and I do mean stinker!).

.grey bw edit 1121


P1190381(2)grey brick overlay

Punkin is a little shy but still friendly and loving, a gentle soul. I hated giving the Punkster the ringworm medicine and seeing the alarm in those big eyes. I loved it when the little creamsicle started purring again. Like Amber, Punkin loves to explore; unlike the gregarious Amber, this soft-as-silk orange and white kitten likes some solitude now and again.  And LOVES kneading on the comforter.

P1190878 (2)punkin



Midnight remains our regal and mysterious black beauty, a serene creature who reminds one just why people used to worship cats.


Midnight also really rocks a top hat, n’est-ce pas?


midnight clear

Which leads me to the shameless marketing part of my post. I now have the Crick Bank Kitty Collection underway, with ceramic mugs, tote bags (canvas and recycled materials) and note cards available, featuring my photos and edits of the various members of the Crick Bank Gang. Practical, affordable items that make (hint, hint) GREAT Christmas gifts! I deliver locally or items can be picked up at Greenville Chevrolet; I can also ship them directly to you for an additional fee.

The monies raised will help us with the continuing costs of our Crick Bank Gang’s medical care. As those of you with pets know, there’s no such thing as a “free” kitten, and certainly not times six!

Some of the items on offer can be seen below, and all of them are featured in a “Crick Bank Kitties” gallery found on my FB page (and more merchandise is on the way)!  Just click on “PHOTOS.”

The price range is $5 (one 5×7 card) to $25 (12 notecards in 3×5 or 4×5 size).

I can give you a discount on combined orders–say, a mug with matching canvas tote and six note cards, costing $13/$16/$14 individually, can be yours for $39.99.  And I will throw in gift wrapping service at no additional cost!


I accept personal checks and payments can also be made at the GoFundMe page for the CBKs.


(If you don’t need/want any of the merchandise, but would still like to help our purr-fect cause, you can also just donate through GFM.)

And if you know someone–a friend, neighbor or family member–who might be interested in my wares, please consider sharing this post with them and spreading the word. Many thanks! 😀

5 x 7 blank cards available for $5 each or 3 for $13.
5 x 7 blank cards available for $5 each or 3 for $13.
All five of the sample cards I ordered in 5×7 size–extremely pleased with the quality of the image reproduction and cardstock itself. All five can be yours for $22.50 (vs. $5 for a single card).
P1210608 (2)
This “MEOW” mug features colorful images of both Punkin and Grey and sells for $13. All mugs are 11 oz. ceramic and dishwasher and microwave safe (although hand washing is recommended).
Mugs featuring images of Amber, Smokey and Grey. $13 each or any three mugs for $37.
P1210610 (2)
Amber checks out the MEOW mug, seen with a coordinating tote bag made of recycled materials and capable of carrying up to 30 lbs. This style is $13.
P1210618 (2)
Smokey mug and matching note card. A set of note cards (varied designs) is $14 and the mug is $13; buy both and save $2.
P1210691 (2)
Amber and the Butterflies mug and matching notecard.
P1210688 (2)
Punkin “MEOW” mug displayed with matching image of our little orange and white sweetie.
P1210841 (2)
And yes, I have one Christmas mug up for grabs, featuring festive edits of several of the Crick Bank Kitties!
P1210825 (2)
I also have a couple of mugs featuring flowers instead of felines–specifically, flowers growing wild I’ve picked from along our country road.
P1210845 (2)
A cute collage mug featuring several images and the message, “Rescue Cats Rock!”
P1210837 (2)
And yes, the (if I might be so bold as to say) gorgeous B/W edit of Amber is also featured on a couple of mugs with two more mugs, matching note cards and two canvas totes on the way! I just may have to keep one of these for myself. ❤

3 thoughts on “‘Tis the season . . . & other musings (& some shameless marketing)

  1. Reblogged this on the armitage effect and commented:

    I’ve started a new business venture of sorts that combines my love for animals with my love of photography and photo editing–more on this and an update on the Crick Bank Kitties in my personal blog’s latest post. ❤

    1. Yes, it broke my heart so much when Spock died, I just couldn’t talk about losing Tiger, too. He was the smallest and wasn’t growing and thriving in the way the others were. It’s ironic that two of the four kittens we had vetted ended up dying while the four who hadn’t been seemed to do well. I think there was something wrong with them from the beginning the docs just didn’t catch. It happens.  I want to take Punkin and Midnight to the vet tomorrow morning; we still haven’t completely won over the other two kittens. I managed to hold Smokey briefly yesterday and that went fine, but kitty’s very skittish again today. You barely brush your fingers against Marmie and she/he flees.

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