What’s blue & cute & has a great message? Read on! Raising funds for our CBK!


It’s a long-sleeved Gildan unisex tee in a lovely shade of Carolina Blue from Boosters.com, that’s what! Super comfy and perfect for cooler weather, the Crick Bank Kitties tee comes in all sizes from Youth Extra Small to Adult 5XL.

Each Crick Bank Kitties tee is $25, with profits going to cover medical expenses of the seven new (formerly abandoned) feline mouths we are feeding, vetting, socializing and eventually spaying and neutering. We want them all to have a happy, healthy life full of love.
crick bank

crick bankshirt front



Take a look at the back and you’ll see it ALSO has a special message, because cats DO multiply like crazy and spaying and neutering is the most humane way to decrease the surplus pet population. Too many kittens are born into situations where they are not wanted, many ending up abandoned like the Crick Bank Kitties or surrendered to shelters where the overwhelming odds are they will be euthanized. Let’s stop the cycle!

crick bank shirt front
You can order online using your major credit card or PayPal by visiting this link:


We need a minimum of 15 shirts ordered to allow costs to be covered for printing. If that required # is not met, Booster will credit all accounts.

T-shirts will be shipped approx. two weeks after the campaign ends.

For an additional $5 flat fee, any shirts you order will be sent directly to your address. This is a good choice for those living out of the area. Or request bulk shipping and it will come to me–and we will set up a time and place to meet in Greenville for shirt delivery.

Want to help our cause but you don’t dig/need the shirt and/or you can’t afford to donate that much? Maybe you live overseas and your credit/debit cards won’t work with Booster.com.

US and many overseas citizens can still donate to our ongoing GoFundMe campaign for the Crick Bank Kitties at:


Hey, we will also take checks and the green stuff sent by snail mail. We ain’t too proud to beg or borrow (no stealing!)  for the Crick Bank Gang.  Just leave me a message. 😀

And now, I leave you with some photos of the Sensational Seven, aka the Crick Bank Kitties.

Amber . . . playful, energetic, sweet, chatty and affectionate–but a little squirmy when you pick her up.  In many ways, she is the mini-me to our oldest cat, Callie.

Amber grass 1

Grey . . . total charmer, never meets a stranger. A robust appetite and a glorious purr. You can’t help but fall in love with Grey.
grey edit 2

Midnight . . . the eldest of the Crick Bank Kitties. A regal black beauty with a magnificent plume of a tail. Quiet and observant, she is reserved but doesn’t mind a bit of petting and being held.

midnight stained glassedit

Punkin . . . the darker and less shy of two adorable orange and white kittens, Punkin is beginning to find being held is not so bad. Except when the hoomans are shoving a syringe with ringworm meds into your mouth every day. That stinks.



Smokey . . . is very shy and elusive, but what a doll! Thick, silky soft blue-grey fur and topaz-tinged eyes. She/he is beginning to stick around when the hoomans are present and even let Benny stroke him/her while eating tonight.


And here’s Marmalade, the paler twin to Punkin, cuddling with best buddy, Smokey. Marmalade is a sweet if shy little kitty who is starting to come out and play and not immediately run away when we show up.

marmalade and smokey

This pile of pussy cats includes Smokey, Marmalade and Midnight, with Punkin soon to join them.

And last is our “leastun” tiny Tiger, he of the precious heart-shaped face and huge eyes. I really root for this nervous little guy–and urge him to grow into his majestic name. ❤

tiger 1

Again, I thank everyone who has already so generously supported this rescue mission through monetary donations, loan-out of items, sharing meds, sharing posts and saying prayers for the Crick Bank Gang. It ALL matters. And I thank you in advance for whatever you may feel led to do now and in the future for these rescued babies and other animals in need.

These furballs really are worth the effort.

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